If the Clintons really want to help Obama…

…they would use all of their combined charisma and media-might to:

  1. Admit to the world that they were wrong for employing fear mongering  or fear-of-a-Black-planet tactics in effort to win the primaries.
  2. Demand that their constituents immediately cease the RACE-hateing.
  3. Compel their constituents to vote for Obama come November.

Just a thought.



One Response

  1. […] Like i said, politically speaking she handled her business.  However, on the social tip, I think that Hillary missed a key opportunity to meaningfully advance the ongoing dialogue about race that has surfaced time and time again throughout the 2008 election cycle.   I personally believe that Hillary should have seized that charged occassion at the podium to, amongst other things… (see my previous post on this subject) […]

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