Barack Odrama episode #17: Stop Player hatin’ on Barack

Black folks & liberals:

Stop player hatin’on Obama!  Look, I understand and share in the urge.  Some of Barack’s recent positions (e.g. FISA, Bush’s Faith-Based initiatives, the war, Black fathers etc.) made me cringe as well.  Chalk it up to political pragmatism people.  This is how the game is played.  I would love to see the game played a different way.  During the primaries, Barack told us time and time again that he would play the game different – as President.  As President.  Well people, Barack ain’t the President yet.  To become President, he is going to need more than the liberal, and Black vote.  Hence his politically pragmatic appeal to the “center”.  At this stage in the game, he has to take the stances/positions he’s taking.  He will not make it to office by appeasing only Black folks and liberals.  As far as I’m concerned, Barack should do everything short of shuckin’ & jivin’ to become Mr. President.  That said, when he does become President I look for him to step it up.  To be clear, I don’t expect Barack as President to fight all our battles.  I don’t expect him to pander to Black folks and liberals.  What I will be looking for, is a President Obama that fights tooth and nail for the “change” he has talked about so eloquently.

Get another take here: “Liberal Bloggers Accuse Obama of Trying to Win Election”



2 Responses

  1. So Obama should present himself one way during the campaign and revert to his true colors and agenda after he is elected? Yeah, that’s going to sit really well with American people — not!

  2. uh – yeah. That’s exactly what I’m saying. That ploy has worked for almost every other successful President(and elected politician). Why wouldn’t it work for Barack?


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