Shabby Wit: Setting and Managing Expectations

One of the few things that I learned from my senior level positions in corporate America is how to effectively set and manage expectations.  This knowledge has helped me achieve good success in my business life.  Now I’m taking what I’ve learned from the corporate world and applying it to my personal life.  For example; Ladies, if you wanna kick with me, let’s say you decide we should go out to eat.  I want to be upfront – clear and concise about what you are in for – about what my expectations are.  Consider the scale below.  On the left is the amount of money that I spend on dinner.  On the right, you’ll find what I expect in return for my expenditure.  This scale is applicable to our first 3-5 dates/outings.

 $20-$30 = hug and peck on the cheek

$30-$40= long embrace (45-60 sec.) and kiss with tongue

$40-$50= all of the above + I get to grip that ass (15-20 sec.)

Red Zone

$50-$60= bump & grind

$60-$70= fellatio

$70 and up= we fuckin’. right after dinner…




2 Responses

  1. There you go again black man-reeling me in with your wit, charm and good looks and then you slap me in the face with this misogynist b*&*%*&(^%sh^%$^&t

  2. hmmmm. interesting. What happens if the woman pays?

    I’m a big believer in keeping early dates a bit more balanced to prevent “humorous” expectations.

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