new “stylo” forces black boys to wear clean undies


Please excuse the sardonic title of this post.  On the serious tip, have you read/heard about the new ordinance in southern Illinois that makes sagging jeans/pants/shorts a finable offense.  What is playing out in this small Illinois town is the latest in what seems to be a growing nationwide trend.  Let’s see: hats, cornrows, starter jackets, and now low-slung trousers. WTF are these people thinking?  Unfortunately, the only thing that will come out of this:  more opportunities for 5-O (the police) to fuck with black youth.  How come we don’t fine plumbers/handymen for flashing ass-crack?  And, I might be a little tardy on this, but wasn’t the recent American teen (and Hollywood) fashion craze all about low-cut jeans?  I’m out.  Thoughts?


2 Responses

  1. I work with a lot of kids, and they’re sort of divided on this. Some feel it infringes on their civil rights, others dismiss it as closemindedness. As far as the color line is concerned, I think the ordinance is age-ist as well as racist. A lot of youth of all colors sag (Hispanic, Asian, Black, White, etc). If anything, it’s an offense to ONE urban Aesthetic. Especially in a suburb like Lynwood. The manner in which tis ordinance is enforced will tell whether it’s just another tool of racism, or a way to give the usual suspects more hassle.

  2. […] Courtesy of the Flint, MI Police Department.   This is hilarious, and sad.  Read my take on the issue (here) […]

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