more barack odrama… barack: the self-elected Pres.

I was waiting for this to happen.  Have you all seen this Washington Post article?  Basically, it’s saying that Obama is acting a little too confident/arrogant/presumptuous.  The caption to the picture in the linked article reads “Congress offers adulation to self-elected president”.  Come on!  How is the brotha supposed to act?  If he didn’t have any swagger, these same people would then question his fortitude and strength.  They would assert that his demeanor isn’t Presidential enough.  Man, if you are black, there is simply no pleasing some people.  You are either not smart enough (get into good schools or get decent jobs as beneficiaries of affirmative action), or too smart (“slickster”, “uppity”).  And each label comes with its own unique set of negative/catastrophic social consequences.



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