New Music: Q-tip (late pass) and Raphael Saadiq

This is new shit.  The tip track was released back in June, but most of y’all ain’t heard it. 




Q-Tip: Gettin’ Up 

More on tip @:




Raphael Saadiq: Love That Girl

More on brotha Saadiq @:




3 Responses

  1. So what’s the word? You lovin these tracks? Why did you choose to share them with your people? Any commentary that we need to think about as we listen to Tip and Saadiq?

  2. hey les:

    I wouldn’t say lovin em. Both tracks are solid. They don’t blow me away. Nothin really deep goin on here – just sharing. Are you feelin them?


    K to da D to da IZO

  3. i think they’re both semi-whack. and i say that only because, i admit, i expect a lot from these two. “Gettin up” crossed my desk last month. It’s sort of uninspired. The audio version of a “wrote it the night before” term paper. But Raphael…. that cut is part of the problem. I don’t ever need to hear another “I want to be like Motown when I grow up” record. Solange, Duffy, Little Jackie, all y’all. Please. Amy Winehouse was a fluke. If I want to hear Motown, I’m turning on some Marvin (“You” if you’re curious).

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