today’s episode of barack Odrama…

There are some voices from “the Left”, and a few from the black community that insist upon labeling Barack Obama a sell out.   Fortunately, this nutty, self-important, naive, myopic, and politically tone-deaf anti-barack chorus is small in numbers, and stature.  None the less, these people really need to shut the “F” up! Yep, I said it.  Shut it!  Kill it!  Geek down! The political posturing that you all demand Barack take would surely bring his candidacy for President to a screeching halt.  How many times must it be said?  Barack isn’t running to be the President of “the Left”.  Nor is he running to be the President of Black America.  He is running to be the President of the United States of America – as it really is.  Consequently, given our present socio-political context, Barack has to say/do the things he’s saying/doing to get elected.  I’ve said it before, I don’t agree with everything that he’s spittn’.  At the same time however – I know that this is the game he has to play. It’s the only game I’m presently aware of that boasts a prize of sitting in the most powerful political seat in the modern world. Damn people, give the dude a chance to disappoint us – as the President.  He deserves that much.  We’ve got 2 options come November, Obama or McCain.  Barack deserves a chance.  Nuff said. It’s not worth it to go on and on about this bull.  Let me start to wrap this up by sharing a personal experience with the “Obama Effect”.  The countless images of, and references to, Barack in the media, along with the way that he carries himself, has already had a profound impact on the psyche of my kids.  The images of this particular Black man (not an athlete, not an entertainer, not a TOM, etc…) abound in the media, has my shorties believing that they can do/be anything.  Look, the undeniable fact of the matter is this; Obama as President will positively/substantively alter the course of this nation far more than any amount of fist pounding/ranting/heckling from the sidelines.  That said, there are more important things that we need to be focusing/working on.  I’ve itemized some of those things below.

  1. Stop the hatin’.  Stop talkin’ about what Barack is/isn’t doing.  What the fuck are any of you – us doing?  Stop looking for Barack to save the Black Community.  He can’t!  That ain’t his job.  It’s an unrealistic expectation.  No one person is equipped/qualified to address the myriad issues that black people face.  Stop puttin’ that pressure on him.  Again, what the fuck are you all doin’ – other than talking?  And for the record, voting is the easy part – just the beginning.  You gotta do more than just vote people.  You gotta a get a little dirty sometimes. Remember, our ancestors didn’t die for the right to vote, they died for freedom.  The vote was just one tactic out of many that they employed in their struggle for freedom.
  2. Speaking of work to do:  There’s a Democratic National Convention coming up soon.  Where is the black radical or general progressive document/letter/position paper that can be circulated at the convention? If there where such a document it could be used to draw the excited masses (and the Party) in attendance to the left.
  3. What are we doing to make sure that there isn’t a repeat of the 2000 election scandal?
  4. Barack, to the disgust of some, has met with the Israeli Lobby and the Right-Wing Cuban American Lobby.  Are there any plans to organize radical/black/progressive lobbies?  Should Barack get elected, we will need these in place to make sure that Barack follows thru on his campaign promises, and that his pimp-strut leans to the political left.
Clearly we’ve got work to do.  What say U?

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