Barack Odrama Cont’d: Hillary, White Folk, and the DNC

I hate to say I told y’all so.  The 2008 Democratic National Convention is fast approaching and it sure seems that shit could possibly hit the fan.  And you know the Clintons are down with all this.  Below, I’m going to provide you a link to a story about how one of Hillary’s Billionaire supporters is using her money/influence to essentially mount an anti-Obama protest at this year’s DNC.  Before you get to the article link, please take time to read a few key/revealing quotes that I pulled from the article.

“The enduring hostility to Obama is reflected in a Pew poll, published last week, showing that 18% of Clinton supporters intend to vote for McCain. With polling averages close to a dead heat between McCain and Obama, every vote counts.”

“There is a sense of entitlement that almost seems to be inbred,” Panetta said. “They are convinced Hillary is the one who should be assuming the mantle and it’s tough to crack that.”

“Rothschild is the founder of Together4Us, a group formed to “honour” Clinton and the nearly 18m voters who supported her in the primaries. Among its demands were a state-by-state roll-call of votes – a final show of muscle by the vanquished Clinton – and a prime speaking slot for her.”

“We’re not going to win by pretending problems with Barack Obama don’t exist. He has a huge problem connecting with ordinary Americans, who think, ‘He doesn’t understand me.’ He is not modest; he is arrogant. He radiates elitism.”

“Barack Obama can use the words ‘the American dream’, but they don’t resonate,” she said. “He magnified the problem by going to Berlin and calling himself a citizen of the world.”

Read the full article here:  “Hillary’s Rich Friend…Ambushes Barack Obama” 

Don’t Sleep



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  1. Stop crying, appartently Obama has rich friends too. Hillary has done more for Obama than anyone can ask. She has asked for her supporters to vote for him and for her sake I wish I could bring myself to do it. I can’t, it’s not her fault, it’s his. Obama has had every opportuniy to win my vote and he keeps on failing miserably. His supporters are in a dream land and will wake up Nov 5.

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