The Wiz…

Hey people.  Today I’m taking a break from Election 2008.   I’ll get back to it on Monday.  Moving right along.  I watched THE WIZ the other night with my shorties…  Man – it sure was different than how I remembered it.  I used to think it was a cold-ass flick.  Not any more.  That shit was racist (bad witch: short, fat, and dark-skinded; good witch: tall, thin light-skinded and pretty) and kinda scary considering its “G” rating.  And why the fuck was old-ass Diana Ross cast as Dorthy???  Yeah, about half way through I had to turn the flick off.  I spent the rest of the evening 1) talking to my kids about the light/dark skinded issue in the Black community; and 2) comforting my youngest child who was a little startled by the wicked-witch and her gang of flying apes on motorcycles.  I think Diana Ross scared his ass too.



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  1. it’s always sad when your rose colored glasses clear…as a young girl i loved the wiz- both the movie (with Ms Diana Ross-who by the way performed her narrow ass off in my all time fave Mahogany) and the magnificently staged musical with Stephanie Mills. It’s true neither movie would fly using today’s hyperanalaysis of our society and it’s race problems and I concede you that point. But I can’t say I wouldn’t enjoy watching either The Wiz or Mahogany with the innocence of my girlhood intact through some rose colored glasses….

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