Awww Shucks Now! Hillary Said Harriet Tubman…

Ol’ girl did her thang.  She did what she HAD to do – politically speaking – and not a bit more…

  • She mentioned/talked up Obama at the beginning of her speech
  • She gave warm “sisterly” props to Queen Michelle Obama
  • She situated the latest chapter of her own political narrative inside the broader context of the movement for Women’s Rights
  • She called out her most ardent backers/supporters – left them no wiggle room  “Did you vote for me or did you vote for the Marine, the person without health care…?” 
  • She eloquently made the case for party-unity
  • She cleverly (and humorously) went after McCain.  That “Twin Cities” line was GOOD
  • She effectively invoked the image/spirit of Harriet Tubman (I heard some black folk took issue with this. Why?)

Like i said, politically speaking she handled her business.  However, on the social tip, I think that Hillary missed a key opportunity to meaningfully advance the ongoing dialogue about race that has surfaced time and time again throughout the 2008 election cycle.   I personally believe that Hillary should have seized that charged occassion at the podium to, amongst other things… (see my previous post on this subject)


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