Dig Chicago: the school boycott (an act of love)

This post isn’t about Rev. Meeks or the CPS Boycott.  If you want an in depth analysis of Meeks and the boycott, just google them, I’m sure you’ll come up with way more info than you need.  I’m writing to call attention to the students, parents, and families – low income and working class Black students, parents, and families – that participated whole-heartedly in the boycott.  I want to shine the spotlight on them because they did so much more than just ride a bus to the suburban New Trier High School.  They volunteered their time, energy, and resources to call attention to the myriad issues plaguing urban mis-education.  They printed and stuffed and folded.  The canvassed door to door and at numerous “EL” stations.  They compiled and emailed and phoned.  They donated and fund-raised.  They sang and prayed.  They educated themselves on the issue.  They educated others on the issue.  They mobilized and organized.  They took action.  All this from the same group of people that “experts” and politicians have implicated time and time again as the “real” problem in urban education.  All this from the same group of Black folk mis-labeled as NOT caring about school – NOT appreciating the value of education – parents/families that are NOT actively involved in their child’s education.  And I myself would like to personally commend these brave and caring souls.  This may sound a little dramatic, but what they did this week was an act of love (something else that “experts” and the media would have the world believe we are NOT capable of).  Love of little Black boys and Black girls.  Love of family.  Love of self.  And I hope to never again have to hear/read some crap about working class and low income Black folk being fingered as the “real” problem with urban education.



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