This election ain’t gonna be no stroll into the White House for the Obama/Biden ticket.   The Republican Party has lots of resources at its disposal eg. money, whiteness, a well-oiled political machine, forked tongues…  They have an inordinate amount of concentrated power and influence, and possess a win-at-all-costs attitude.  They are not going to relinquish power w/o a serious street-fight.  I’m talkin some Gaza Strip type shit.

Where is this coming from?  This election is ours to lose.  There is way too much at stake.  And I feel that far too many people ain’t really tuned into what’s about to go down.  I’m picking up on too much smugness.  Too much complacency.  After the RNC, and considering the dire state of the economy – and having to subsist against the apocalyptic backdrop of our rapidly deteriorating civil and social society (I believe we’ve been courting a modern day Nadir period for the past 8+ years), I should be overwhelmed – by a sense of urgency – by a “this shit can’t wait attitude” – coming from my fellow Democrats.  It ain’t there.  Dig this, I was at an event this weekend w/ a whole bunch of College students.  Long story short, about 500-800 of us gathered in an auditorium and from the stage someone asked how many people are NOT registered to vote — NIG– I mean, DAWG!!!  After they counted raised-hands do you know it turned out that about 1/5 of the room was NOT registered to vote.  Str8 up!  And it wasn’t just the College kids either!!!  Do you catch my drift?  This ain’t gonna work for me.  It shouldn’t work for you either.  We have to do better.  We can do better.  Now, what I’m about to say/suggest, I’m sure you’ve heard/read it before, but I think it’s worth repeating over and over and over and over again.  Below is a list of things that we can do to help ourselves. Things we can do to help get the Democrats into the White House.  If you think this is useful PLEASE spread it far and wide.

  • Make sure you are registered to vote.
  • Join the Obama campaign.
  • Register at least 10 people to vote.  Encourage each one of them to do the same.
  • Blog/email in support of Obama.
  • If you are able, donate to the Obama campaign.  Don’t trip about the amount.  Shit, I’m broke too, but I figure a whole bunch of people giving a lil sumthin-sumthin goes a long way.
  • If you’re in a street-gang (Folks/Mo’s) threaten mf’s to register and vote Obama!
  • Educate yourself about the candidates and the issues.  Make candidate cheat-sheets for yourself and others.  Talk about Obama/Biden: at work, while droppin’ off shorties at school, at Church/Mosque/Liquor Store, at the gym.  Fellas, talk about the ’08 election/Obama as part of your mack…  The more you know – the better yo game – and the better yo game…  Lay-ups!!!  How’s that for incentive?
  • Host Obama/Biden info parties at the crib.  Make and share Obama/Biden mix cd’s.  Bake for Obama.

Seriously, if you feelin’ me, PLEASE share this post far and wide.

Humbly Submitted;

kdizi Kdizo


6 Responses

  1. Definitley not a stroll into the WHite House. As for me, I will be doing everything I can within the system here in Houston to help ensure that Obama the pretender and that idiot of a VP never see the White House. An interesting election season for sure!

  2. Michael wants an intellectually lazy, emotionally unstable ,superstitious, compulsive gambler with an anger managemnt problem to be President. He wants McCain to conduct foreign policy with a chip on his shoulder and his hand on the nuclear trigger.

    I would say that Michael goes to the movies a lot and has gotten most of his information from there.

  3. gasdocpol, person attacks aside, I really don’t want Obama and his circus of nefarious characters anywhere around the country’s capital. You’re attempt at flaming me fall way short. To properly flame me you must be informed on the issues, not simply post inane assumptions about a person you know nothing about. So, back to politics for adults. As I said, Obama is nothing but a product of the crappy, thug, political machine of Chicago, a media packaged empty suit that s a perfect candidate for the kiddies who scream for change but have no idea what the hell that means in real terms. Gasdocpol, this is not about my personality or yours, its about keeping that blathering fool out of the White House. Everything else is simply a distraction.

  4. Michael I would be glad to to discuss in detail anything that you claim that I am not informed about.

    I have been in professional and managerial roles since I graduated from college in 1960. I was a ship’s officer and a physician. I have an MBA.

    McCain is the empty suit. His war hero status is based on 23 unexceptional combat missions and his unconfirmed version of his POW internment. He has blocked access to N. vietnamese records.

    He was a poorly informed student USNA and he is poorly informed on issues now.

    McCain’s unstable emotions are well documented.

  5. gasdocpol, I’m not interested in your resume. Its irrelevant to me and as illustrated with Barrack, its certainly no guarantee of critical thinking capability. Gas, not to insult you personally as I don’t know you, but its hard for me to square why any educated, reasonably intelligent person would actually vote for Barack. I can only chalk it up to either being uninformed of the issues or a superficial emotional kneejerk reaction to a charasmatic newcomer, regardless of his politics. Again, this is not about me or you, its about the country, and I’ll work tirelessly within my district to keep this pretender out of office.

  6. You apparently are just as scared about Obama as President as I am of McCain.

    I do not blindly support any Democrat.

    I have voted for as many Republicans as Dermocrats starting with Nixon in 1960 against Kennedy.

    I voted for GHW Bush(The Elder) in 1988 and I thought that he was a good president.

    I thought that Al Gore was a far better choice than GW Bush (The Lesser) but in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined how bad GW Bush would be or the damage he would do th the USA.

    John McCain is GW Bush on steroids. He is no more conciencious now about his homework than he was at USNA where he was at the bottom of his class. In the Senate , where they discuss ,debate and vote, his blustery alleged war hero status has allowed him to fit in the most eclussive club in the world. He made have actually made something go for one year when he headed a training unit in the Navy.

    Since McCain is disinclined to study the issues himself, he relies on Neocons like Scheunemamm who got rich pushing the Iraq war and now is stirring up trouble with Russia.

    For economics, he relies on Gramm who gave us : disasters with: S&L, ENRON, Subprime mortgages and oil futures tradfing.

    Be careful of what you wishj for.

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