a 5 yr old black boy and race…

I picked up my shorty from some artsy/fartsy event this past Saturday afternoon.  He hops in the car – in the car seat – buckles himself in and…

[Car starts.  We rollin’. Ipod beats kick in thru car stereo.  Afro-Peruvian mix.  Volume hushed.]

Me:  You had a good time homie?

Son:  “Yeah!!! It was funnn!!!”

Me:  What did y’all do?

Son: “I dunno. A lot.”

Me: Okay.  Well did you…

Son: “Oh yeah, someone came to sing.”

Me:  Word up.  That’s Cool.

Son: “Dad, do you know who it was?”

***I worked in the music/concert biz for years.  My son thinks I know any and everyone that sings***

Me:  Well, I need a little more info homie.  Was it a man or a woman?

Son: “A dude.”

Me: Do you remember dude’s name?

Son: “Nope.”

Me:  What kind of music did he play?

Son:  “I dunno.  He had a guitar.”

Me:  Was he White or Black?

Son: “Uhmmm, kinda light-peach I think.”

Me: [In a faint whisper] Wowww…


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