everyday life: 5:30 a.m. on the green line (chicago)

5:30 a.m.  About to hop the Green Line “EL” @ MLK Drive ( A word of caution, if you think that you might at all look like a vic/mark, I wouldn’t advise that you do this).  The train comes and I board. The car is empty except for one dude (let’s call him, ol’ boy). He’s a hype. I ain’t trippin’ though. I knew that @ 5:30 a.m. I was about to board the hype express.  So, I cop a seat on the same side of the car as as ol’ boy, but 4 rows back.  It’s early, I’m tired. I need to close my eyes for a minute (again i wouldn’t advise anyone to do this).  I look around – survey the area to make sure things are cool.  Coast is clear.  I drop my bag to the floor, put my leg through the shoulder strap to prevent a snatch and grab, and close my eyes.  I’m trying to doze, and then I start to hear what sounds like water – alot of water hitting the floor of the car.  I sit up – open my eyes – look around to see where what I assumed to be a leak might be coming from.   It stops.  Nothin’ on the floor.   Just me and – ol’ boy.  Coast is clear.  I shut my big browns.  Soon as I close my eyes the water starts again.  As I’m sittn’ up to investigate – my legs/feet shift, and I hear a splashing sound.   Mildly startled and severely puzzled, I look down to find what I think to be water/beer on the ground, and on my bag (cold-ass leather Kenneth Cole briefcase).  And — it’s coming from where – ol’ boy – is sitting.  I yell out, “yo – WTF is you doin!?!”  He jumps up, his back to me, mumblin’ and fumblin’, actin’ all perplexed and shit.  And then he starts talkin’/slurin’ about, “Damn man, what’s goin’ on?  What’s that shit on the ground?!?”  He keeps on mumblin and fumblin – lookin all around…  And then he turns in my direction and slowly staggers toward me before the train turns causing him to fall into a seat.   He’s keeps goin on and on and on…  Now by that time I done already figured out that – ol’ boy – done pissed on the ground, and on my bag.  How did I solve the mystery?  Well, when he turned and started in my direction — his joint was hangin’ out.  Still drippn’ with pee pee…


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