am i the only one…

Am I the only one that will go to the store on an emergency toilet paper run and grab a few absolutely unecessary odds and ends because, in my mind, I’ve come to believe that If I stand in the checkout line with nothing but toilet paper, people near and around me will undoubtedly be thinking to themselves, “Ewwww, the only reason this dude is here is because he has to shit real bad…”  I couldn’t bear the shame of it…

Is it just me?



everyday life: 5:30 a.m. on the green line (chicago)

5:30 a.m.  About to hop the Green Line “EL” @ MLK Drive ( A word of caution, if you think that you might at all look like a vic/mark, I wouldn’t advise that you do this).  The train comes and I board. The car is empty except for one dude (let’s call him, ol’ boy). He’s a hype. I ain’t trippin’ though. I knew that @ 5:30 a.m. I was about to board the hype express.  So, I cop a seat on the same side of the car as as ol’ boy, but 4 rows back.  It’s early, I’m tired. I need to close my eyes for a minute (again i wouldn’t advise anyone to do this).  I look around – survey the area to make sure things are cool.  Coast is clear.  I drop my bag to the floor, put my leg through the shoulder strap to prevent a snatch and grab, and close my eyes.  I’m trying to doze, and then I start to hear what sounds like water – alot of water hitting the floor of the car.  I sit up – open my eyes – look around to see where what I assumed to be a leak might be coming from.   It stops.  Nothin’ on the floor.   Just me and – ol’ boy.  Coast is clear.  I shut my big browns.  Soon as I close my eyes the water starts again.  As I’m sittn’ up to investigate – my legs/feet shift, and I hear a splashing sound.   Mildly startled and severely puzzled, I look down to find what I think to be water/beer on the ground, and on my bag (cold-ass leather Kenneth Cole briefcase).  And — it’s coming from where – ol’ boy – is sitting.  I yell out, “yo – WTF is you doin!?!”  He jumps up, his back to me, mumblin’ and fumblin’, actin’ all perplexed and shit.  And then he starts talkin’/slurin’ about, “Damn man, what’s goin’ on?  What’s that shit on the ground?!?”  He keeps on mumblin and fumblin – lookin all around…  And then he turns in my direction and slowly staggers toward me before the train turns causing him to fall into a seat.   He’s keeps goin on and on and on…  Now by that time I done already figured out that – ol’ boy – done pissed on the ground, and on my bag.  How did I solve the mystery?  Well, when he turned and started in my direction — his joint was hangin’ out.  Still drippn’ with pee pee…

Barack! Whatever you do, don’t get angry…

See this excerpt from a recent article by Arianna Huffington:

To fully become the transformational leader we need, Obama must demonstrate to the American people his capacity for indignation — for the kind of ferocious passion that fueled King and Nelson Mandela. He has to fight fire with fire, and wield anger in the service of what right, true, and good. The fierce urgency of now demands nothing less.

She’s not the only one. Other neo-liberals have called for Barack to get angry. To “grow a pair”. Brotha – pleeease don’t fall for the okie-dokie. Ain’t these some of the same people that attacked and castigated and demonized Rev. Jeramiah Wright for his rousing displays of “indignation” ???  Look, the truth of the matter is this, the only time White folk really want to see an angry black man…


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’08 Mortgage/Credit Crisis… “too many loans to blacks”

Just a heads up.  Republicans have decided to argue that Democrats created the recent credit crisis by forcing banks to give too many loans to Blacks and other minorities.  See for yourself (here).

NOTE:  I’m no longer posting here. I’ve CLOSED this blog. Please find me at my new, and better, home:

a 5 yr old black boy and race…

I picked up my shorty from some artsy/fartsy event this past Saturday afternoon.  He hops in the car – in the car seat – buckles himself in and…

[Car starts.  We rollin’. Ipod beats kick in thru car stereo.  Afro-Peruvian mix.  Volume hushed.]

Me:  You had a good time homie?

Son:  “Yeah!!! It was funnn!!!”

Me:  What did y’all do?

Son: “I dunno. A lot.”

Me: Okay.  Well did you…

Son: “Oh yeah, someone came to sing.”

Me:  Word up.  That’s Cool.

Son: “Dad, do you know who it was?”

***I worked in the music/concert biz for years.  My son thinks I know any and everyone that sings***

Me:  Well, I need a little more info homie.  Was it a man or a woman?

Son: “A dude.”

Me: Do you remember dude’s name?

Son: “Nope.”

Me:  What kind of music did he play?

Son:  “I dunno.  He had a guitar.”

Me:  Was he White or Black?

Son: “Uhmmm, kinda light-peach I think.”

Me: [In a faint whisper] Wowww…

…to be clear: saggy-pants infographic

Courtesy of the Flint, MI Police Department.   This is hilarious, and sad.  Read my take on the issue (here)

Video: Blacks Against Barack Protest (CNN)…