’08 Mortgage/Credit Crisis… “too many loans to blacks”

Just a heads up.  Republicans have decided to argue that Democrats created the recent credit crisis by forcing banks to give too many loans to Blacks and other minorities.  See for yourself (here).

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The RNC: “We Can’t Let This Nigga Win!!!”

First off, no one at the RNC actually uttered the phrase that makes up the title of this post.  Not yet.   Anyhoot, let me get right down to it.  The color-lines are being drawn…

  • Did anyone notice that the RNC was void of colored folk?  Nothin but OLD white men. I mean damn – we all know that the nation’s population and future electorate is becoming more and more colored (Black/Latino) – and the Republicans str8 up ignored this statistical fact.  They made absolutely no attempt what-so-ever to make the RNC look the least bit inclusive.  Where was JC Watts?  How about Michael Steele?  Clearly, they are running strong on some “Us (Mainstream White America)” vs. “Them (Colored America eg. Blacks, Latinos, Asians, etc.)” shit.  Get ready people.
  • Sarah Palin:  a self-described hockey mom, pitbull w/ lipstick, hunter, snowmobiler…  Uhhh – this chick is a self-avowed REDNECK!
  • What about the Palin daughter baby drama?  The Red-America pundits talked this up as something positive – an example of a good ol’ American family standing together and strong through adversity .  When this happens in a Black family… Do I really need to spell it out?
  • Did you hear Fred Thompson call for a new culture war in America?

I could go on and on, but I think you all get the point.  The masks are comin’ off.  Too much is at stake people.  What are you going to do?