Barack Odrama Updates… biden, hillary, the press

Hope you had a great weekend.  I sure did.  Let’s get caught up in the continuing “Barack Odrama”.

1. The big news from the weekend:  “Obama Picks Biden As Running Mate”.   This was a smart/prudent choice on the part of Brotha Obama.  Why?  I’ll tell you…

  • He’s experienced (sat on/chaired the Senate Judiciary Committe and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee)
  • He’s liberal
  • He oozes middle/working class values
  • He is one of a few non-millionaires in the Senate
  • He is an attack dog.  He can/will talk shit with the best of ’em.  True, he can go overboard/off-message at times, but I believe Barack can manage him effectively.
  • He believes in and supports military service to the country (in the coming weeks his son, a National Guardsman and the Atty. General of Delaware, will be deployed for military duty in Iraq).
  • And most important:  to everyday, working-class, middle-America White folk, Biden has “whip-appeal”.  Along with his voting record, his working/middle class ideals, and his numerous off-color/racist gaffes (see here), what lunch-pal carrying White American wouldn’t love this guy?

2.  Hillary/Bill and their supporters are really getting on my damn nerves.  Hillary and her loyal Klan are still popin’ off at the mouf (mouth).  I mistakingly assumed that after Obama announced Biden as his running mate that Hillary’s folk would shut the fuck up.  Nope.  They where quiet for a minute and then they were right back at it with all the zeal and fervor of an old-school southern style jim-crow lynch mob.  The latest polls are saying that 30% of Hillary’s backers – life long Democrats – are not going to Vote Obama/Biden come November.  I’m not mad at ’em though.  Given the state of race in this country – this behavior is expected.  The problem is Hillary and Bill.  If they really wanted to, they could, with one short highly publicized cleverly-worded speech, put an end to all of this.  They choose not to.  And now, both of them get to speak/have a huge presence at the convention… If I were Barack, I would police the hell outta those speeches.  After that vile back-stabbing concession speech that Hillary gave a few months back,  I wouldn’t trust them Clintons at all.  I can’t wait to see how this plays out. 

3.  The media.   I keep hearing the media talking about how Barack has failed to connect with everyday White Folk, or how he hasn’t done a good job of making himself known to small town America.   They just don’t get it.  The headlines/sound-bites should read: “Small town (White) America adamantly refuses to embrace Democratic Presidential nominee because he is Black”.  Relatedly, where are the stories/features about the 18-34 yr old White Americans that are overwhelmingly and excitedly throwing their support behind Obama?

That’s all for now.

Rock Steady;



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