Dig Chicago: Maxwell, Digable Planets, World Music Festival 08, Mixteco

Good Day Chicago.  I’ve got a few items that might help satisfy your entertainment/food jones.

And on the food tip:  Mixteco Grill is the SHIT!!!  Seriously, the food was outstanding.  The restaurant owner/head chef worked under the famed Rick Bayless before stepping out on his own.  The outside appearance of the spot is very unassuming.  kinda looks like a n’hood diner.  Don’t let that throw you off.  The food and service was top notch.  It’s BYOB.  The staff at Mixteco will promptly pop and pour for you.  And the prices are very very very reasonable.  This is coming from a brotha on a budget.  Anyhow, if you go – MAKE A RESERVATION.  There is always a line to get in.  The lines aren’t usually too long, but there is always a line. I do have to mention that seating can be a bit crowded as the dinning space is relatively small.  Great food, great reviews, great prices = crowds/success that the owner hadn’t anticipated (not a bad problem to have).  They are working on it.  Again – I had a gr8 dinning experience there.  I suggest you check it out.

That’s all.  Enjoy.

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