MUSIC BREAK!!! Gil Scott-Heron: “The Bottle”

Thought you could use a brief break from the tangled and mind numbing Campaign 2008.  Enjoy.  ALSO:  THIS BLOG IS NOW CLOSED.  PLEASE FIND ME AND THIS SAME CONTENT AND MORE AT:


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Video: The Lo – Lumdi

New music from CAMP LO! Enjoy.  In case you don’t know, this is Camp Lo of “Luchini” fame…


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Hells naw I ain’t goin to see that new Tyler Perry flick!!!

I am no Tyler Perry fan.  His movies, his storylines, his choice of actors, his plots (or lack there of), his cross-dressing, his flat-underdeveloped characters, his over-simplification of black male/female relationships, his rather uninspired and pedestrian cinematography…  All this shit is wack.  It does nothing for me.

That said, I don’t have a problem with Mr. Perry per say.  I’m not going to demonize him.  That wouldn’t be fair, or constructive.  On the low, there is a place for this brand of entertainment and I actually believe that he is doing the best that he can do – with what he knows.  And therein lies the crux of the problem.  The above criticisms, are not so much an indictment of Tyler Perry as much as they are an indictment of where we are (are not) culturally/socially as a people.

I believe with all my heart, that if we: 1) where more culturally stimulated and demanding; 2) created better product/content, 3) had real access to or control of the media, the Tyler Perry films (and most of commercial hip-hop and R & B) would not over-occupy as much of our cultural space as they do today.

Tyler P. is a man of his time.  The same is true of his audience.  We are at a cultural low point – a modern day nadir period. Most of our cultural products ooze that dark reality.  Look, I know that more than a few of you might think I’m being hard on ol’ boy.  You want me to acknowledge and give credit to Mr. Perry because his films ain’t “negative” – because his characters are more “positive”.  Hey, given the cultural garbage that we consume on a daily basis, I can understand and even relate to that sentiment.  However, I don’t think that it is effective/fruitful to combat “negative” images/stereotypes with “positive” images/stereotypes.  In the end, they are both stereotypes.  And stereotypes aren’t real. Neither approach captures the complexity of our lives – of our history.  Positive characters can be just as staid, flat, and one-dimensional as negative characters.  So, for me creating/portraying more “positive” images of black folk gets us nowhere.  What we need are films, plays, shows, music etc., that portray us a being more HUMAN.  Wonderfully human.

So again, I ain’t goin’ to see “A Family That Preys”.  Nothing against Tyler Perry.  I simply think we can do better.

Humbly Submitted;

Kdizi kdizo

shabby wit: baby wipes altered my sex life…



Let me Romare Bearden (paint) the picture for you.

Me and my girl.  My crib.  Mid-day.  Feelin sexy.  Crunched for time.  In the mood. Impromptu love…

So we launch into a savage and frenzied game of touch and touch.  Hot and bothered.  We humid.  Fubus, Lugz, Joe Boxers, Forever 21’s are torn asunder and hurled about.  Moist flesh.  Pheromones.  The air is ablaze.  2 minutes and 20 seconds have elapsed.  Time for the jump off.  And then…  I push PAUSE.  Bring it all to a screeching halt.  Why?  Man, it just so happens that on this very day – at this particular moment in time – I have funky-nuts and/or a lil’ booty-juice.  Yep. I needed to hop my tart ass into the shower.  Don’t trip fellas.  You know it happens every now and then.  Even to the most fastidious of us.  And if you’ve ever been in this unfortunate situation, you know that this stop-in-action is an immediate mood kill.  It’s an error.  A fumble.  A tricked lay-up.    We’ll, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t always have to go down like this…

My name is Kdizo.  You can call me dizo.  Baby wipes changed my sex life.  For the better.  In those ever so crucial categories of quickies/nooners,  baby wipes uped my stats.  They helped me to become more consistent.  Fewer tricked lay-ups.  I bet they can do the same for you.  Now I understand, that given the above scenario, some of you more uncivilized studs might try to maintain forward progress and push through.  Hey, I’m not here to judge.  I’m no expert.  Do what you gotta do to be you.  But man, let me tell you, it is hard to recover after you’ve left a bad taste in someones mouth.  So I humbly suggest that you play it safe.  Get some baby wipes.  And the next time you and yo shawty line up for a quickie, and you feelin a little tart.  Don’t fret.  Calmly run into the bathroom.  Go up under the sink.  Pull out 4-5 baby wipes and – wipe.  Get on the sides and up under the nuts-sack.  Don’t forget the taint and yo funky ass. After that, take the remaining clean wipe and dust off the shaft.  It’s that simple.  30-45 secs and you’re good to go.

Yours Truly;

Coach K(dizo).

VIDEO: Richard Pryor Interview…Cocaine

Richard Pryor. Black man. Comedian. Truth monger. Tortured soul. Tragic hero… This video is painful to consume. For me anyway. At the same time, I’m drawn back to it time and time again because of Rich’s uncanny ability to offer up biting and incisive and dead-on social commentary. And no one offered it up the way Rich did.  I don’t think anyone ever will.  Anyhow, if you have time over the weekend, check out the video (about 13 minutes) and share your reactions with the ‘diZo.

Rock Steady;

kdiZi KdiZo

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Dig Chicago: Maxwell, Digable Planets, World Music Festival 08, Mixteco

Good Day Chicago.  I’ve got a few items that might help satisfy your entertainment/food jones.

And on the food tip:  Mixteco Grill is the SHIT!!!  Seriously, the food was outstanding.  The restaurant owner/head chef worked under the famed Rick Bayless before stepping out on his own.  The outside appearance of the spot is very unassuming.  kinda looks like a n’hood diner.  Don’t let that throw you off.  The food and service was top notch.  It’s BYOB.  The staff at Mixteco will promptly pop and pour for you.  And the prices are very very very reasonable.  This is coming from a brotha on a budget.  Anyhow, if you go – MAKE A RESERVATION.  There is always a line to get in.  The lines aren’t usually too long, but there is always a line. I do have to mention that seating can be a bit crowded as the dinning space is relatively small.  Great food, great reviews, great prices = crowds/success that the owner hadn’t anticipated (not a bad problem to have).  They are working on it.  Again – I had a gr8 dinning experience there.  I suggest you check it out.

That’s all.  Enjoy.

kdizi kdizo

Q-Tip – Gettin’ Up [official video]

Here’s the official video for Tip’s “Gettin’ Up”. This is the first track of his new album, The Renaissance, due to hit stores 11/4/08. 

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